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"If you take care of the birds, you take care of most of the environmental problems of the world."
~Thomas Lovejoy


Annual South Hills IBA Big Day

~News and Events~

  • June 22nd SOUTH HILLS BIG DAY Bird Survey and Potluck Picnic – R.S.V.P. to Karl
  • TRIP REPORT – Birding by Kayak on Wilson Lake Reservoir
  • Golden Eagle Audubon ZOOM Presentation on Prairie Falcons
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Seven Simple Actions to Help Birds

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Click the link above to read the full article, watch some great little videos, and be inspired to do some good in the world to help out the birds
1. Make Windows Safer, Day and Night
These simple steps save birds: On the outside of the window, install screens or break up reflections—using film, paint, or Acopian BirdSavers or other string spaced no more than two inches high or four inches wide.
2. Keep Cats Indoors
A solution that’s good for cats and birds: Save birds and keep cats healthy by keeping cats indoors or creating an outdoor “catio.” You can also train your cat to walk on a leash.
3. Reduce Lawn, Plant Natives
Add native plants, watch birds come in: Native plants add interest and beauty to your yard and neighborhood, and provide shelter and nesting areas for birds. The nectar, seeds, berries, and insects will sustain birds and diverse wildlife.
4. Avoid Pesticides
A healthy choice for you, your family, and birds: Consider purchasing organic food. Nearly 70% of produce sold in the U.S. contains pesticides. Reduce pesticides around your home and garden.
5. Drink Coffee That’s Good for Birds
Enjoy shade-grown coffee: It’s a win-win-win: it’s delicious, economically beneficial to coffee farmers, and helps more than 42 species of North American migratory songbirds that winter in coffee plantations, including orioles, warblers, and thrushes.
6. Protect Our Planet from Plastic
Reduce your plastics: Avoid single-use plastics including bags, bottles, wraps, and disposable utensils. It’s far better to choose reusable items, but if you do have disposable plastic, be sure to recycle it.
7. Watch Birds, Share What You See
Enjoy birds while helping science and conservation: Join a project such as eBirdProject FeederWatchChristmas Bird CountClimate Watch, or The Great Backyard Bird Count to record your bird observations. Your contributions will provide valuable information to show where birds are thriving—and where they need our help. Note: If you don’t yet know how to use eBird, we have a free course to help you get the most out of the project and its tools.

By: Idaho Conservation League

Stories of the Snake:
A bird’s-eye view

Featuring an Interview with Pat Weber, PFA’s Conservation Chair
Photo by Ken Miracle

From year-round endemic Cassia Crossbills to waterfowl passing through during the winter, countless bird species can be identified in and around southern Idaho’s Snake River watershed. The steep black basalt canyon walls provide shelter, the water supports plants and a nesting habitat for waterfowl, and the surrounding forests and sagebrush steppe offer sustenance for many species. Hidden amongst the reeds, willows, sagebrush sea, and thick timbered forests, you’ll find birders with binoculars glued to their eyes and spotting scopes in tow. Unlike many other recreational activities along the Snake, birdwatching requires people to slow down, be present, and pay attention to the minute details as they put the visual puzzle pieces together to positively identify the birds before them. Read more here.


Pat Weber, PFA Conservation Chair

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